How to hack an facebook account in 2019 ?

“My account got hacked”. The most common phrase we get to listen when it comes to Facebook. Now the question arises, is it that simple to hack an account? If YES then, Why is it so simple? Facebook is the most popular social media platform. People use it as a platform to share all their

How to Hack an Instagram Account.

“How to Hack an instagram Account“. Hacking is becoming quite common now a days. Whether its facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, it is happening everywhere. People use it for different reasons either to keep an eye on their children or for fun, forgotten password or for the purpose of some revenge,

Why You Should Hack Your Boyfriend Facebook Account and Why He May Be Cheating on You

If you are a man, this article is not for you, I suggest you read another one about why you should hack your girlfriend facebook account and Why He May Be Cheating on You. Thanks to the advent of social media, cheating has taken on many faces, there is now sexting, texting, chatting, or video

What you can do after owned an account

Hacking through someone’s facebook account might take some rigorous process but another challenging process is knowing what to do when you have successfully hacked into the person’s account. In other words, what you can do after owned an account? When you get access to someone’s Facebook account without doing the necessary things, it will imply