Why Facebook are the best social media

Why Facebook are the best social media? Facebook is the best social media networking website and it’s very popular some best features  users can post comments, share photographs and post links to news or other interesting content on the web, chat live, and watch short-form video, there’s a fantastic chance they’re already on the lookout


Cheating has become a norm in most relationships, this has led to trust issues in so many relationships. Lovers are supposed to share everything but these days lovers tend to keep secrets from each other. We tell you about hacking her Facebook account. This is why many resorts to trying every mean necessary to gain

What You Can Do With Libra Cryptocurrency from Facebook and How to Get Libra Coin

This is global digital currency that has been put forward by a giant social media platform Facebook, however, there are other companies that have invested in this project too which include; Uber, Visa and Andreessen Horowitz for the swift operation of the project. What You Can Do With Libra Cryptocurrency from Facebook and How to

Snapchat Hack – Learn How to Do It

Sometimes, you need to know the activities of your son, friend or employee over Snapchat. For this, you must hack the Snapchat. Learn Snapchat hack here. “My 7 years old son is always using Snapchat and doesn’t talk and sit with family members! I need to know how he uses the Snapchat all over the

Facebook and the Winklevoss twins

The identical twin brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss popularly known as the Winklevoss twins. $65 million awarded $65 in 2004. When they used the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. For stealing their ConnectU idea to create Facebook. The suit alleged that Zuckerberg copied their idea and had illegally used the source code intended for the website.

Mark Zuckerberg Hacking Messenger

Salient things to note about the Facebook Executives’ account hack A couple of company executives have stated in times past that they noticed a couple of changes with the messages that they received in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The changes occurred in the sense that the messages in which the company executives received on Facebook were


HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CONTROLS THE WORLD It is not uncommon to hear that, social media has improved communication, promoted business, the spread of information and tons of other benefits. Job seekers attest to the fact that it has provided them with a living. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more are examples of social media. However,

Why Hack your Girlfriend Facebook Account

Why Hack your Girlfriend Facebook Account? Due to the websites or the application of various social networks, people have hundreds of social networking platforms. Therefore, they can use more than one or a few social networking applications on their mobile phone. In this digital world, people rarely use a personal computer to access social networking

Millions of Facebook Phone Numbers Hacked

Facebook phone numbers get hacked ! In what is viewed by Cybersecurity experts as the biggest security lapse by Facebook since the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal, millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers were found online in an insecure platform. More than 419 million users of Facebook have their contacts and other vital personal information exposed